this is Perfect Life

Just so you know - we are a tight-knit team, not a giant corporation.


We don't want or need staff on payroll. We put together dream teams for each client, we don't fill up the calendar of the least requested consultant in our roster. Our Perfect Life eco-system is based on a gig economy, where people can place more or less of their work-life under our umbrella. 

Co-creators only work part of their time with Perfect Life projects. Perfect Life wants top talents, but not employees. Top talents want developing assignments, but rarely employment. This kind of interdependency creates magic in client assignments.



Every year we give a minimum of 5% of our total turnover to charity. 

We support a wide array of worthy causes, but the one that we focus on most is:

CO2 footprint elimination - we not only invest and spend money on projects that remove 100% of our CO2 footprint (all our travels and work-related emissions, but also all co-creators' lifestyles impacting CO2 outside work). We also double up, so we remove another 100% - making sure we have a strong positive impact on CO2 reductions.


Inspired High Performance

We have delivered leadership development in +70 countries, and we have worked with everything from startups and scaleups - to governments, vencap, smallcap, midcap, largecap, municipalities and foundations.

We have an outstanding track record and experience of leadership development across the board. So, what is the secret to success? 

There was something missing in how society deals with high performers. 


Society tends to approach high-stress levels with "slow down". This does not work with High Performers in organizations. When you are passionate about what you do - slowing down really sucks. Try telling your top performers that "you are superstars, so here is an initiative to make you shine less brightly". 

Instead of trying to get high performers to slow down and adjust to "good enough", we have created a framework and tools to let them shine – to make sure they are not just High Performers – but Sustainable High Performers

That is what we do. We help them increase their impact even more - but with reduced stress on their systems.

Great leadership and Sustainable High Performance. We help your organization get leaders that lead strongly and perform on an even higher level without slamming themselves into that awful wall.

Get in touch, and we'll tell you exactly how we get that mojo going.

                                                    - Patrick Stahl, Lead Trainer