Our programs

what we do

As a boutique leadership developer for selected clients, we cannot take on as many clients as we'd wish.

Our mission is to develop great leadership in organizations we support.

We design and deliver top-level leadership programmes where participants go through immersive development
of their personal leadership, to lead themselves and their team. Our passion for the entrepreneurial spirit has led us to do a lot of consultancy work for startups moving into an international scaling phase. We also bring the content of Sustainable high performance, psychological safety, communication, strategy, goal setting, feedback and teamwork - and much more.

Our programmes are carefully tailored to each workgroup, so that they will develop and excel both as individuals and as a unit.

so, how does it work?

Online, physical or hybrid

We understand how the

the world is emerging and want

to offer the most effective and

efficient way of working. We 

frequently work with teams that are

spread out around the globe and

are happy to conduct our programmes

both remotely and in person

Team or individual

We design and deliver programmes for bigger groups of 50+ participants, smaller functions/workgroups of 10-20 people, key people and anything in between. 

Days, months or years

Our programmes follow different

training flows. We do longer programs where participants go through immersive development - spanning up to 15 months, or we do mini-programmes, that span up to 90 days. We love to help organizations and people grow, so we also do loads of brief coaching sessions, lectures and workshops.