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If you’re reading this, there’s a great chance that, like most people, you have a very full calendar. You’d probably say that the last thing you have time for right now is reflecting on your life – you’re busy enough just getting through the day! If this sounds like you, you probably need this particular book more than you realise.

REFLECTION 2.0 isn’t a theoretical book; it’s a workbook which sets out a 180-day challenge that will help you establish a daily habit of reflecting. And here’s the best part: it only takes two minutes each day!

After just a few weeks, you’ll begin to notice patterns in your life, and find a better balance. You see, reflection is almost like a magical pill for developing truly great, personal leadership, whether you’re leading hundreds of people or just yourself. Are you ready to take this challenge on?


Drawing on his many years of experience helping thousands of people set and reach their goals, Patrick Stahl has created a gentle manual on the art of personal leadership. In these pages, you’ll learn how identifying and developing your strengths can make you happier, more efficient, and more successful. Patrick gives step-by-step instructions for using strengths-based methods and a clear solution focus to ensure that your own path to success will be as easy (and fun!) to travel as possible.

Patrick Stahl is senior partner at Perfect Life Group. He has spent his last two decades juggling entrepreneurial engagement in multiple startups with leadership development work for various organizations and projects across the globe.